World Post Graduation Expo 2017

WPG aims to provide this need by bringing world class institutions from all over the world, including Indonesia, to present to interested participants. WPG will invite Postgraduate providers from over 20 countries including Indonesia and showcase them in the form of an education exhibition. WPG will also have useful and beneficial seminars such as aptitude tests, scholarship opportunities, and career talks by industry professionals.

  • Education Expo

    WPG main show will be the education exhibition which aims to showcase over 100 world class institutions from more than 20 countries, offering a range more than 300 courses in various degrees programs of masters degree (S2), doctorate (S3) and other postgraduate programs.

  • Networking Session

    WPG presents an opportunity for Indonesian universities’ representatives, rectors, academic coordinators etc, to meet up with their foreign counterparts to discuss and enlarge their network abroad.

  • Seminars and Workshops

    WPG prepares more than 30 seminar and workshop sessions for visitors to increase their knowledge and also additional skills. The seminar and workshops will be carried out by professionals from education industry and also corporations providing additional services.


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