Terlindungi: Elektronika Instrumentasi

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About Course

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Knowing basic electronics component
  • 2. Student be able to build Hardware PCB DIY with some electronics component
  • 3. Student know more variant of instrument which was created and used in manufacture
  • 4. Student be able use few instrument (eg: Avometer Analog / Digital, CRO, AFG, etc)

Course Content

Chapter 00 : SAP, RPS, TM, TK,
test topic summary

  • General Purpose
  • Satuan Acara Perkuliahan (SAP)
  • Rencana Pembelajaran Semester (RPS)
  • Tugas Mandiri (TM)
  • Tugas Kelompok (TK)

Chapter 01 : Basic Concept Measurement
Test Basic Concept Measurement

Chapter 02 : Mistaken Factor Measurement
Test Summary

Chapter 03 : AC/DC Instrument
in these session you will learn what the different between analog and digital, when you have to use and why you need it.

Chapter 04 : Built DIY Power Supply Unit (PSU) 1A CT using EWB, Proteus / OrCAD
In these session you will learn how to make Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Chapter 05 : How to use few variant of instrument (eg. Avometer, AFG, CRO, etc)

Chapter 06 : Introduction of Logic Analyzer and Instrument ADC DAC

Chapter 07 : Sensor dan Tranduser

Chapter 08 : Basic Fundamental of OP-AMP

Chapter 09 : Arduino Sensor Simulation using Proteus

Chapter 10 : Wearable Technology

Chapter 11 : Praktek Sesi I (OP-AMP Simulasi OrCAD)

Chapter 12 : Praktek Sesi II (OP-AMP Module)

Chapter 13 : Praktek Sesi III (Instrument Unity)

Chapter 14 : Praktek Sesi IV

Chapter 15 : Praktek Sesi V

Chapter 16 : Tugas Mandiri (TM)

Chapter 17 : Kumpulan Tugas

Chapter 18 : Bank Soal

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